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Robert brings a unique perspective to civil rights and personal injury litigation. For approximately 20 years he served as Lead Trial Counsel representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in disputes involving public entities and law enforcement officers. Robert has handled some of Northern California’s most high-profile civil rights, wrongful death and personal injury litigation, and can help parties make informed decisions as they navigate complex civil actions.

Robert has also served as General Counsel for a California Third Party Administrator handling public entity claims and as Litigation Manager for several California Joint Powers Authorities. Robert’s background in risk management involving self-insured and pool insured clients is invaluable when negotiating or litigating actions involving public entities. If you need a skilled and aggressive attorney to help resolve a contentious dispute, Robert has the temperament and experience to help get your case resolved quickly and efficiently. If you need a competent, skilled and aggressive trial attorney, Robert has a proven track record of achieving success at trial in both the state and federal courts.

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Robert’s legal career started in the Sacramento Public Defender’s office. When he left the public defender’s office after a few years he joined my civil firm, where he and I practiced together for many years trying civil cases to verdict for the City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, SMUD, Sacramento Regional Transit District, and Union Pacific Railroad. Robert’s unique skills honed in the civil and criminal trial courts are unmatched in Sacramento, regionally, or within California. He’s adept at resolving or trying to verdict all types of civil matters, including those that touch upon the first, fourth, fifth, eighth, and fourteenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He is skilled in federal court, state court, or administrative court. His work ethic and legal intuition allow him to distill complex principles effortlessly and quickly. Robert has earned and enjoys a reputation for honesty, integrity, intelligence, and unrivaled competence in the courtroom. Well deserved.

Adrian L. Randolph - Associate General Counsel – Boystown USA