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Noteworthy Cases, Trials & Appeals

  • Doe v. Simi Valley School District [Catastrophic injury to Child] Settled for $16,000,000.
  • Huskins/Quinn v. City of Vallejo [Defamation} Settled for $2,500,000.
  • Isayeva v. County of Sacramento [Officer Involved shooting] Ninth Circuit unanimously reversed District Court Judge who had found appeal frivolous and granted qualified immunity dismissing federal claims. Published Opinion.
  • Purba v. County of Sacramento (Wrongful death) Writ of Mandamus challenging trial court’s denial of immunity for conservator under Lanterman Petris Short Act. Published Opinion vacating denial of motion for summary judgment and granting immunity for conservator’s office.
  • Hurtado v. County of Sacramento [excessive force] Defense verdict.
  • Doe v. County of Sacramento [wrongful termination] Defense verdict.
  • Barlow v. Union Pacific [Plumas County forest fire litigation] Case settled prior to jury deliberations.
  • City of Davis v. Union Pacific Railroad Company [Grade-crossing application trial before the Public Utilities Commission] Defense verdict.
  • Siller v. County of Sacramento [excessive force in jail] Defense verdict.
  • Gettings v. County of Sacramento [Civil Rights/excessive force] Defense verdict.
  • Antoine v. County of Sacramento [restraints in jail/excessive force] Plaintiff prevailed at first trial, new trial motion granted, defense verdict after second trial. Ninth Circuit re-instated first verdict.
  • Tubbs v. County of Sacramento [Civil rights/excessive force] Defense verdict.
  • Shepard v. Union Pacific Rail Company [rear-end auto accident] Defense verdict.
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company v. Dobbas [Breach of contract/bad faith insurance] Plaintiff’s verdict.
  • Parsons v. City of Sacramento [sexual battery by on-duty officer] Defense verdict.
  • Whitten v. Regents of the University of California [Mishandling human remains donated to Body Donation Program] Seven figure settlement.
  • Doe v. City of Davis Fire Department [Gender/Sexual Orientation Discrimination] Settlement.
  • People v Chadwick [DUI] Acquittal.
  • People v. Haddad [Sexual battery] Acquittal.

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