Tough, skilled litigators, who also have empathy and compassion, are few and far between. Robert Chalfant is one of the few. Add his deep and diverse legal experience, earned by trying difficult cases to verdict in state and federal court, and you have a proven advocate who has the respect of his colleagues, opponents, and the bench. Having worked with him on a number of cases with complex issues, I found his litigation skill and strategic insight invaluable. Robert’s innate ability to evaluate cases and zero in on what is really important is a valuable skill that serves him well. Finding the right lawyer can be hard, but Robert Chalfant makes it an easy choice. Tim Spangler, Chief Counsel, Sacramento Regional Transit District.
Tim Spangler
Former Chief Counsel, Sacramento Regional Transit District.
I have known Robert for over 20 years and worked closely with him as one of our trusted outside counsel on high profile civil rights and police misconduct cases while I was serving as City Attorney for the City of Sacramento. Robert’s intellect ranks with the best and brightest legal minds with whom I have associated in the past 20 years. He is hard-working and grasps complex legal principles quickly. He has superior oral and written skills. Robert is an exceptional attorney with broad legal and transactional experience.
Samuel L. Jackson
Retired City Attorney, City of Sacramento.
Robert’s legal career started in the Sacramento Public Defender’s office. When he left the public defender’s office after a few years he joined my civil firm, where he and I practiced together for many years trying civil cases to verdict for the City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, SMUD, Sacramento Regional Transit District and Union Pacific Railroad. Robert’s unique skills honed in the civil and criminal trial courts are unmatched in Sacramento, regionally, or within California. He’s adept at resolving or trying to verdict all types of civil matters, including those that touch upon the first, fourth, fifth, eight, and fourteenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He is skilled in federal court, state court, or an administrative court. His work ethic and legal intuition allows him to distill complex principles effortlessly and quickly. Robert has earned and enjoys a reputation for honesty, integrity, intelligence and unrivaled competence in the courtroom.
Adrian L. Randolph
Associate General Counsel – Boystown USA